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 据说比PTGUI还要强,有过人的本领哦,还没有来得及使用,先推荐下。C++ 写就。
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A panorama creation tool for Windows and Mac OS XOverview Features Download Buy Gallery Support  
Hobbyist, professional photographer, scientist: creating your own panorama has never been so easy.
Based on the same powerful state-of-the-art technology behind AIPR1, the Lite version is an easy-to-use extension that adds image registration capabilities directly to your operating system. The software seamlessly integrates with Mac OS Finder and Windows Explorer, providing new functions for creating stunningly beautiful panoramas with just a few clicks. AIPR Lite 1 comes with an incredibly simple user interface that enables you to create your panorama easily and, most important, without having to master any image processing concepts. And if you want to learn a little bit more, a simple integrated manual will help you choosing the right options to create beautiful panoramas.


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